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Friday, December 21, 2012

21-12-2012 so called D-day & Winter Solstices

I am pretty sure many will be blogging on this special day, even most social media will be flooded with such kind of post over the world. What is going to happen to the world, will we all be doomed once and for all, or will the world turn dark forever.....

Obviously, some would have believe, but certainly I did not (but wish it could happen). At least, I wouldn't need to continue my routine lifestyle. Wish to have some change, but not too sure where to start. Perhaps, this may be the new beginning of my life. Who knows!

Writing here to mark the occasion I had went through for this special day ... Glutinous rice ball (湯圓) and roasted pork (燒肉) as breakfast -> Simple Lunch with buddies -> Nice drinking & Pork Knuckle session with buddies -> Unplanned (at least not mine) dinner with relatives -> traffic jam (whom someone been more irritated than I) -> now writing -> soon going to bed.

I am glad that my life has been filled with great company of buddies, no matter sun shines or rainy days. I am sure good heart pays all for it, enjoying every single inch of my life with them. Y'all the best!

Happy Winter Solstices to mark the end of 2012, let's aim for a better & happier living as a start for 2013 (a whole new world).

Happy Winter Solstices

Hmm.. nice cider! 
Yam Seng!
*1st time appeared in Purple's diary.... a random blog post. a post without much content that make sense, afterall... its dooms day right?

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