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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trip back home (again), Nov 23 - 28 2012

Back home twice in 3 months time? I know, timing was just ridiculous. This air ticket was redeemed a year ago and was supposed to be used up last June. No matter what, I was back home once again. Being more adventurous this time round, and discovered many new things.

My 1st morning was greet with this new 'baby' at home. He has grown up so fast!
My name is Fido
Our morning was occupied at Financial Park (FP) or Ujana Kewangan (UK, in Malay). Might as well, we had our lunch in there. It was unexpected good for Indonesian delight - Soto daging and Nasi Ayam Penyet. 
Soto Daging with Iced Lemon Tea
Nasi Ayam Penyet
Restaurant in Financial Park
We were slightly lucky this round, where we were able to enjoy the sunlight and beach view. But the weather changed very soon around 4pm each day, hence I missed most of the sunset view.

Man made pier for fishing
Layang layangan view
BBQ pit, ready for any picnic or gathering
Traditional Ketupat
Satay and fresh coconut is a must!
A visit to the small opposite island, Pulau Papan has been in our plan for many many years. I have been there once during my secondary days, yet most of my local friends and families had never been to here before. We dragged the other couple here. The boat ride was rather pricey because we kind of charter the whole speed boat. We paid RM80 for 4 pax at a round trip, for the 5min boat ride. Nevertheless, it was worthwhile for an experience. We load the boat from the old public jetty.

Vessels parked off the jetty
The jetty
The locals kids
Welcome board
Pulau Papan brief backgroun
Team building area
Clear water and me
Sand and Toe

Overlooking Victoria Island, Labuan

Marina Hotel & Financial Park view from the boat
Heard there is another island, ~45min boat ride away is now under renovation. It will be good for visit, picnic, snorkeling and wreck diving with a resort operator available. Pulau Kuraman, read here at wiki for its interesting background. I have never know this is an island which been in ownership claim between Brunei and Malaysia. However, it is still owned by Malaysia and FT Labuan.

It was the same night, we had packed flowery crab for dinner. The butter cheese favor was great, very tasty. I had never tasted flowery crab with such good meat and tasty too. Good to know there are more and more quality food around the island.

Tasty flowery crab
Chilli Squid
My other shopping activities, besides the usual chocolate and liqour shop. I did spend some time in comparing some price against some particular daily confectionary. Take for example, a Belgium Choco Magnum ice-cream, its selling RM3.90 vs RM4.90 here in KL. Though, I didn't took those, instead indulged with the Nestle Kit Kat coned ice-cream. It was selling only at RM2.80 per cone. Not sure how much is selling here in KL.
Kit Kat Ice cream
Here's how it looks inside.. Fido likes it

Other shopping was cool. We shop for vegetables and chili in the dark. It was around 9PM where the vegetable stalls at the Pertubuhan Peladang (Agriculture society) still active in business. It was probably the time where most hawker will shop for their ingredient to prepare that very night. Vegetables were very fresh, as it just arrived by lorries from the mainland.

Huge pumpkin
Skinny & Fat dried chilli
Till the day we were taking off. This jet fighter was set landing. I love the skies that evening, and I saw even the moon while flying over the clouds. Such beautiful day.

Sky view from the plane

End of report. Till then looking forward for my very next trip back home again. CNY 2013.

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