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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lego in the Box

Honestly, I'm still cracking my head... Thinking hard if I ever had Lego set during my childhood days. I am sure I have, as it's not an 'alien' toy to me. But seriously, I couldn't recall how they looked like, and what model were they. I don't even have a 'skeleton' leftover at home.

Very likely they had all been hijacked by my little brother. He had Lassy too, a slightly bigger educational toy, which he connected them all into guns! Gosh, I should have more girl typed childhood.... And yes, I had Barbie doll :)! A gift by my late aunt.

I never intend to collect all of the Shell Ferrari Lego cars, which were under promotion lately in Malaysia. I picked and choose a few, in which I super liked the minifigure. Hence, I got myself 3 sets.

Where to store? I left it on my cupboard for the past weeks, it then collected dust! It ain easy to maintain. Hence, off I went to hunt for a box. Daiso has been my common household shopping paradise. Here goes my transparent plastic box, specially made for toys and miniature storage display. Without need further intro, you would have know how much would this cost :)

Collection Box from Daiso
Made in Japan ?
They all squeezed in well...

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