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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Double Happiness ??

Chinese would always like item comes in double... especially double happiness,双喜临门! I wish there are more than double happiness around, probably four, or may be six or even many many. Ya.. I am greedy person, someone who's has high expectations. Nevertheless, looking at the other angle of view, there are still much more room for improvements.

Taking these philosophy words aside, I am writing a nonsense (无聊) blog again. It has been a while since I last blog, I have lost focus lately... probably attention has gone elsewhere in the cyberspace.

Presenting you a double-mushrooms at my backyard today. Malaysian should know it has been super rainy season lately... weather has turn chilling, and I quite like the chillness, despite I could not dry my cloths under the sunny sun over the weekend. Don't you think the mushroom looks cute, I wish I am staying in a mushroom-house, back to the olden cartoon series, imagining my drawings I drew when I was young. Wonder if these mushroom are poisonous, I believe so!

Follow on, this is what I found! An 18SX picture for the insect community.... a mating flies~!!! Hahaha... they didn't even care I went close by with my idiot little camera... just wonder how they could continue their business, with me interfering them. Haha... just for your viewing.

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