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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thai Food @ The Elephant, Happy Mansion Section 17 PJ

Truly sorry for not updating my blog lately, part of the times I just had no mood to write, and part of the times I am just too lazy, part of it my weekend time may just be fully occupied.

I had an eventful Sunday last week. The first time ever I have been a Marriage Registration witness!! It was the 'blessing' I gave to this couple on paper, and through the heart, I wish them Happy marriage & happy forever! Since the event was at PJ, we spent the remaining whole day till nite within PJ area. Here we went to a hidden place for dinner, out within my old-uni-days area, where we used to send our laundry to the laundry shop.

In case you are familiar with Happy Mansion flat area in Section 17, you might know what I mean. So, in case you are not aware, there is this hidden Thai restaurant, I would say a type of Fussion-Thai style, located in one of the flats area. I remember parking my car at that place whenever I could not find parking space at the kopitiam area down the stairs. It's just next to a school.

Believe their official website could lead you to more detail info - http://www.myelephant.com.my/

How we could have bumped into this restaurant, well.. there was an introduction at a local Chiness newpaper last week. ChinaPress's 躲在組屋裡的大象.

Here's what we had. 3 dishes + brown rice + 2 cooler.

Main dish was duck curry, namely Gaeng Phet Yaeng (RM30). Highly demand Roast Duck curry with seasonal fruits, I saw lychee that nite. I like this the most, reminded me of a friend's badf experience at Delicious, hehe. This was good...

Next we had salad dish, Yum Mamuang Talay (RM10), made of Green Mango with Prawn and Squid. Very tasty with its soury and apertizing taste.

Last but not least, Thai food should always be accompany by its Tom Yum. We had Tom Som (RM18). It's clear Galangal-Lemongrass-Lime soup with fish, and I saw starfruits in there. It's my first time seeing fruits in the soup.

We had 2 coolers, Pandan & Krachiap as drink (RM3/each). Indeed a special soda + Pandan drink.

Interior setup of the restaurant is kind of simple but comfortable. The ambiance was dimmed, accompanied with soothing musics. Worth a try, I would say.

GPS Coordinate : N3 07.353 E101 38.084 (available at MFM POI)

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C-G-4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Section 17, Petaling Jaya
Tel : 6010-220-1283

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