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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Food Journey @ Kuantan - Part 1

Yes, I am at Kuantan this weekend. Despite, this ain't anything special. We bumped into a newspaper section introducing on food-y stuffs last weekend. We made it a try this time, to check out those food and rate them based on our findings. Thus, the following review will be solely based on our taste bud and feedback.

If you could read Chinese, here's the online newspaper article - 特色面條篇. Check out the first stall this morning. Indeed, I knew I had tried this noodle before, when it was packed. These noodle stalls are located at Kuantan wet Market area.

Market GPS Coordinate : N3 48.677 E103 19.418

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Stall #1 - 吹冷氣的客家面, Hakka Noodle

You must be patient if you would like to try this dish, especially during busy breakfast hour. I was there around 10am today, and guess what? I think I had waited almost 45min for my noodle!

According to the newspaper article, this homemade noodle has gone through the process of making in an air conditioner and chilling method. That's the reason why their noodle can be such chewing QQ.

Despite being patient, I would say the taste of the Konlo (干捞) noodle was QQ. Nice. However, on the other hand, you might think the portion is a bit less. FYI, they sell 2 types of noodle and 1 price for each set, RM3.50. Besides serving Konlo dried noodle, they serve soupy noodle too. Business hour : 720am - 1215pm, or whenever noodle sole out.

Stall #2 - 炒粿條, Fried Kuey Tiaw / Noodle

We tried this fried noodle yesterday afternoon, as I was starving since morning. Our mission failed at Sri Jaya, 1 hour drive before reaching Kuantan, where the introduced pao were all sold out.

Unfortunately, Kuey Tiaw was out of stock. We have to bare with fried noodle. Anyway, I like fried noodle much more than kuey tiaw. Indeed a good choice. By the way, these are afternoon stalls, located outdoor outside Kuantan Market place. Business hour : 1pm - 6pm.

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