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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food Journey @ Kuantan - Part 2

I am supposed to finish this post last weekend, while the energy still kept burning and memory was still fresh. However, guess I still need to finish the food journey's comments. This should be the 'not so recommended' food, I would say. Rather disappointing, if you ask my opinion.

Again, referencing the newspaper article writeup for food in Kuantan - 五顏六色健康篇. First in the list was 3 colours pan mee noodle (三色板面色澤迷人). Supposed its flour made with pink - dragon fruit, green - spinach, yellow - raddish.

In real fact, it looks like this. Personally I don't feel there is any much special and tasty. It's just something new. There's much more improvement needed from the shop, especially in the area of customer comfort ability.

Next, its BBQ chicken wing. This is disappointing, as I had tasted even far more better chicken wing from my hometown!! It cost us RM2/wing... gosh, it is super expansive. Worse still, the sauce was just a simple sweeten chilli sauce, where the chilli served by Kak Ros @ Labuan is accompanied with special home made dark chilli sauce, and only cost RM7/5wings (so far).

Finally, we made our stop for a cendol shop for tea time in an afternoon. Found the shop, its not a roadside stall. Nothing rather special here, except I would give credit to its gula melaka.

Sorry I couldn't even border to post GPS coordinates here. If you are interested to explore, please visit Chinapress's article.

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