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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MAS Temptation Ground Sales

Being an Enrich member and frequent flyer for the past few years, Enrich point collection and redemption is always a must before it expires every 3 years. Because I had a couple of points expiring this year, and I am yet ready for a air ticket redemption this year, I had instead redeemed gift vouchers for the expiring points.

However, one like me would find it troublesome to travel all the way to Subang airport Terminal to redeem / purchase from their Temptation (so called) Boutique, full name as MAS Golden Boutiques Sdn. Bhd By the name of it, one like me would think that the outlet shall be in a nice shop, something like the MAS ticketing counter or so...

Without further thought and study, I hit myself straight to Subang Skypark Terminal, which is formerly known as Terminal 3 before flights were shifted to KLIA many years ago. Upon reached the car park, I walked myself through the overhead bridge... recalling some olden memories, when I need to travel back home from each Uni semester breaks, CNY holidays, etc... it was always the sweetest memories ever of hitting the airport, airplane and back home!

This is how the terminal looks like today. Looks cool and cozy in there right? Of course, the crowd is much lesser than before.

I hit myself straight to the i counter. Hang on... I was told Temptation Boutique is not in this building... where on earth will it be?

Oh dear... I forgot to take picture after arriving at the destination. As per explained by the lady at the i counter, Temptation is not in this building, and it is quite far from here (means not within walking distance). Sorry, upon hearing that, I again forgot to take down the GPS coordinate of the old MAS building.

So, in case you would need to be there... here's the detailed location (by address and directions).

Mezzanine Floor,
Administration Building 3,
MAS Complex B,
SAAS Airport Subang.

Mind you, I find it difficult to locate the exact address and telephone no. from the MAS website.

So, how to get there? - from the direction of KL/Subang Jaya, once hit the roundabout before approaching Skypark Terminal, look for an overhead bridge with MAS advertisement (it should be after the runway bridge). Take the first left exit after that overhead bridge. The building is rather old.. check in at the guard house for your visitor pass, and walk up the stairs 1st floor at the nearby building to the gate.

Oh, by the way... don't expect much selection from the choice of goods. There might have limited stocks to choose, and don't expect a nice showroom unit for display. The goods are all displayed just on several glass shelves. :P

Happy Shopping!

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