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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The CupCakes...

Lite & easy blogging time... I enjoy the morning feel at my study room... especially when the birds tweaking out there. Back to the topic, I have had Cup Cakes twice in the month of December. Ya, I know... Cup Cakes are the "in" thing in the market lately or some time ago. We used to enjoy Cup Cakes in the office before, where a colleague will generously bake us some.

This was my cousin's wedding cup cakes. The icing topping was nice, though was a bit too sweet, but that seems to be the cake taste we used to have when we were young.

And these are the cakes I tasted yesterday. Check out http://www.whitedaisy.my. Understand the Cup Cake maker stays in Kota Kemuning. Thus, in case you are staying near by and wish to have Cup Cakes order, this might be your choice.

Disclaimer : The below seems to be a free advertisement, though I have no experience in ordering these cakes. It was so happened that my place had been a temporary delivery place. :)

What I like most is the nice purplish packaging box!! Hehe...

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