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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trip to KK, Land Below the Wind - Part 1

SUNDAY (DEC 13) It's my day 1 here... a place that I feel familiar but yet could hardly recalled my memories. On my very last trip here last year's July, my friend could had thought I had lost my memory of the place, could barely remember my ways around and what I had done. Only thing I knew was I schooled here for 2 years, took the green Tuaran bus once a while to the state library, walk to school sometimes (my aunt would send me and my cousin most of the times), what else??? Indeed, when I try to recall my memories here, I could hardly find them. :(

Anyway, I am attending my cousin's wedding today. A cousin whom I have not been seeing for the past 10 to 15 years.... wow... time really flies! I had made the right choice to be here, although I was alone, I enjoyed the company and time I spent with my old classmates, friends, or even a long lost friend and their families.

Despite have to bare with my discomfort stomach, had not been feeling well on the day I was supposed to board the plane, I almost 'no show' at the flight... But I dragged myself up the plane because I know I need to take a short break, as well as to take as many photos as I could. So, here's the first proof I had... I like to be on an evening flight, I could then have a nice sunset view up on the skies.

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