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Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip to KK, Land Below the Wind - Part 3

TUESDAY (DEC 15) It was the last day of my stay in KK. Didn't know what I shall do, but roaming at the street.. namely Gaya Street awaiting my friend to shuttle me to the airport. Good that I have another friend who works nearby, which made us an idea to meet up for breakfast at 10am!

Here was what I had for brunch. Man Tai fried noodle, Man Tai (万泰)is the shop name. Not sure if I heard correctly, they are famous for their Beaufort-style Fried Noodles. Again I noticed, Sabahan prefers fried noodle compares to soupy one.... which is quite true.

I enjoyed the 'roaming' around along the street, remembering my last visit to the town, which we had our 2 nights stay in a backpacker's lodge nearby. It was the greatest experience I had... it was fun! This time round, I went 'shopping' around the street for other backpacker's lodge around, in case I would try it out again the next time. Here are some of the nearby around.

I checked out the area Borneo Gaya Lodge, but wasn't convincing. Don't think I will stay here.

Next on the list is Summer Lodge. Seems to be a good place, as it is a corner shop lots. Their common area is rather brighter.

Rainforest Lodge has both hotel rooms and backpacker's lodge. I didn't get the chance to view their rooms, but from the outer look, it seems to be the most convincing place to stay, and their surrounding is rather happening. Pubs, cafe, and so are just around the corner, if not mistaken is own by the same owner.

These are the surrounding. I stayed on for 2+ hours in Rainforest cafe, airconned, had a cup of Tenom coffee (again, it's local coffee), surf internet with my Joybook, with the most enjoyable DiGi Broadband service in the town. It was a fabulous experience of surfing, as the whole town has Digi 3G coverage !!!

Here's DiGi 3G coverage map within KK area (click for enlarge view).

Oh yeah.. while roaming the street, I found a classic record shop. Something to share here, hehe...

In fact my other objective while roaming the streets was to seek more travel information for Scuba Diving @ Tunku Abdul Rahman park!!.. I had found some travel information, will upload it somewhere (probably there soon).

Dive tour information:
1) Sabah Divers - They claimed they are best deal... will see. (Leisure 3boat dives/day RM200)
2) Excel Dive & Tours - first shop I went in (Leisure 3boat dives/day RM210)
3) Scuba Paradise - They introduced Mantanani islands.. which I think is a bit far from town, check out their itinerary from their website
4) Borneo Tropical Holidays (website under construction :()- This shop is just near Rainforest Lodge.
5) Go2Borneo - Just happened to struck on this website at some place.

Car rental information:
1) Borneo Express
2) KMT Global Rent A Car & Tours


Jacko said...

can go wend if aa got zero fare. fri fly in, backpacker, makan2, sat dive dive, relax, sun fly bck.

Purpledee said...

i can only imagine that happen in my dream :P... any organizer taker?

Jacko said...

this one no need organizer la... LKH style... "need to plan one meh? just go!" hehe... as long as can get zero fare, so just buy n go.