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Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip to KK, Land Below the Wind - Part 2

MONDAY (DEC 14) It was a day after a busy Sunday wedding reception and wedding dinner we had a day before. Enjoyed the day with my photo shooting session, though I know my photo shooting skills had yet improved :( That's the reason why I need to be more hardworking and polishing my skills whenever I have the chance.

I enjoyed my sleep at Likas Square Condotel the previous night, probably I was too tired. The 3 rooms apartment looks nice from their website's picture. Besides the size of the apartment which seems spacious to me, I would say couldn't expect for a high end customer service and amenities here.

Upon checked out from the apartment, mom and I headed back to my cousin's house. We took a short stay, then we headed downtown for another appointment cum mini-shopping, at the malls I used to hang out when I was schooling, Center Point.

Tuaran Mee is a must, as local dish. Somewhat the one I had this time is a little disappointment. Browsing through the website link above, it seems I didn't do my 'homework' prior to visit. At the bottom of the page there is a recommended stall selling good Tuaran Mee at Damai. This hawker center is something new to me, in fact my friend brought me here when I touched down KK that Saturday night. The hawker center seems to be unique in a way, its setup in between shop lots at the walkway.

Wish to have a chance to drive/tour around for good food on my next visit. When will it be??

We headed back my cousin's home after the short walk, showered and get ready for my next appointment! While waiting, I took shots of toddler Scott! He's the 9 month old German Shepherd, seems new in the family. So nice of him, allowing me to snap pictures of him. Kinda cute! Too bad, there wasn't many good shots from my uncreative skills.

Another picture of a dog, but this time is neighbour's dog sitting at the upper floor's stairs, haha!

Final on the menu, I headed to friend's house for a potluck dinner. Potluck? Hearing it right, how do I prepare food to share, nah.. I would say my friend prepared almost all the dishes. Most of us just brought our stomach. There were baked pork sausages, french beans salad, and a dish of carbonara chicken.

The gathering was great, accompanied with Christmas charol tour happened to bump into his house that night. It was a pleasure to meet up another long lost friend and his family. Too bad we didn't have a group picture together. It was great, thanks friend.

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Jacko said...

very chun the GS! the fur is damn good color, pure black!