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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food Surprises - Menglembu Ipoh Portuguese Egg Tart

This is one of the bakery shop we used to stumble into for its Portuguese Egg Tart (葡逹). My mom introduced this many years ago, where Menglembu been a place they used to hangout a lot, main attraction is the conventional old wet market (I will blog on it when free).

Though for some reason, this egg tart is nothing attractive, nor its presentation may not be a upper class restaurant or coffee shop standard. In order to appreciate such well done small enterprise bakery shop, I decided to introduce them with a few lines. Unlike most famous food stalls in Ipoh, they had been given free advertising by bloggers these days. That's why I had been holding on a blog on a famous Kaya Puff shop at new town Ipoh, for quite some time. They don't worth anymore introduction, as though their Kaya puffs been nice, but their service attitude is rather below standard. Their customer service process really need a serious improvement.

Alright, back to this lovely Portuguese Egg Tart... yumm, I like its egg custard the most, plus its pastry, which unlike traditional egg tart pastry. It's soft and its the puff type.

The address:
Lover Cake House & Bakery,
No 7, Persiaran Kledang Timur 21,
Bandar Baru Menglembu,
31450 Menglembu Ipoh, Perak.
(Same row as Hong Leong Bank, Menglembu)

GPS Coordinate : 4.573466,101.050969

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