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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menglembu (萬里望), Ipoh Wet Market

This particular Chinese wet market was demanded for major renovation couple of months back, and it was strongly objected by the locals and hawkers. Since I will have an undetermined plan trip for the revisit, or probably it will be demolished by the time I revisit it once again. I am taking this opportunity to snap some retro pictures, in effect of the "olden" look of its moments. Indeed, Ipoh is a place for retirees, as you can see many elderly around the corner :)

This is the main street of Menglembu (萬里望).

Olden days barber shop a.k.a saloon.

Chinese medical hall where I used to buy Home Cafe's White Coffee.

The nearby Coffee Shop which I used to have my White Coffee.

The not-so-wet section of the market.

Ooops... food again. There is when I have to get up early in the morning and skip my morning meals. It is just handy for me to grab whichever I feel like it in the market. I like this traditional bread with pork floss and BBQ slices, current at the price of RM1.20/piece.

The authentic & traditional wall.

Lastly, we dropped by Magnum outlet. I saw this old man aiming for a quick bet, he actually did peep out the window referencing some cars number plates out there. Not sure if he did bought my car number :)

Bye Menglembu Wet market. Will visit you some other time, not sure when.

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