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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ipoh Food - Kong Heng's Popiah

This is gonna be another food blog. I don't intent to write much, guess I am not really a good food eater. Thus, I found my food blog is not as interesting as others. Anyway, I am writing for my own memory! It is gonna be a while, till I next visit Ipoh :( sad. Capturing the current moment, I would say.

I normally dine in at Tin Jun (天津) for their egg caramel custard, pork satay and popiah. Due to limited chance and time for me to taste everything over a weekend, we decided to pack-and-go. I was then able to take some pictures, as well explains below.

The store is just on the left, 2nd row.

In action...

end product...

Forgot to mention, Tin Jun is just next door and they both share the stalls and customers.

Guess I don't need to supply the coffee shop's information, after all it is well found in most food blogs and GPS Point of Interest. :)

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