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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food Surprises - Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry, PJ Section 17

A friend asked me today.... are you still working? I asked back, why do you say so? Well, I see you been blogging always, writing on foods, wondering around and being so active? Oh well, how should I say.... it's just part a life, there is nothing greater than sharing some part of our personality to our close friends through blogging. Indeed I find it away of communication in the cyber era. Anyway, to answer back his question "Yes, I am still working as a average wage earner".

Back to my subject. This is a place I have heard a lot for its Mille Crepe cake. Since I was around PJ Section 17, I thought of it! Finally... else my mind will be wondering for food during my study era around that area (that's boring!)

I recently tried a slice of Mille Crepe cake @ Huckleberry, Times of Bangsar Shopping Complex. It wasn't up to my expectation, especially after my last taste of Crepe at Bangkok Sathorn's Secret Garden.

Giving this a second chance for my taste of Crepe within the country, and also a failed attempt when I was in Malacca couple of weeks ago. Alright, I knew the place is within Sec 17 Happy Mansion apartment, but which block? Since it sounded like a 'Laundry', indeed I used to send my laundry over those shop during my uni days, thus I stumble into the right block. It's located at the last corner, next to a laundry shop (if I am not mistaken).

We decided to pack-and-go this time, as we just had our lunch. Moreover, the place is rather not-so-comfy during a hot afternoon, as it does not have air-conditioner, environment friendly perhaps. Thus, the decision to have it as afternoon tea back home was perfect!

That was a Mango Mille Crepe (RM10) and a Chocolate Mille Crepe (RM9).... it was sooooo yummy! Perfect! The mango crepe was the best I would believe, as I seen only 2 left at the shop. The Choco Crepe was good too. Indeed, it was a right choice to enjoy afternoon tea like this. I wouldn't complain for my crepe this time :)


The address:
BG-8, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-79553885

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