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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life . Make it full . Make it happy!

Looking back to my past blog archive, realized I had a month without a single blog in the year 2010! Couldn't believe it, and I browsed through the blogs I wrote between the months of September and November.... I now realized the feelings at that moment (Hmm... documenting diary helps!). Was aiming for more meaningful life, and it was just about life!

It was also at that time, which I missed out blogging my 2nd scuba dive trip to Tenggol Island, Terrenganu last September 2010.

Being a newbie diver wasn't easy here. I remembered the strong current, hmmm...Without knowing, this has brought me looking forward for the 3rd trip of mine *blink blink* in coming days. Stay tune with the next up coming posts.

As I am now holding on to a book, certainly feels that we should grab more meanings in life, making it well appreciated and throwing all worries behind. No one could make a difference for you, except one's self. Few quotes worth sharing from here....

Quotes from 施怡玲's 把煩惱丟遠一點 Leaving behind the misery。
追求快樂祕方,就是改變自己。其實這個世界不會改變,會改變的,是我們的態度。要活的快樂,就必須先改變自己的態度。The world will not change because of you, it is just you could change the world and yourself.

靠自己的力量,去實現夢想。靠自己的夢想,開發自己的潛能,其實自己大大小小的夢想,別人 -- 任何人都可能對你失約!It's only with your ownself, could materialize your own dream. Others, whoever he/she is... they wouldn't think it is necessary to full fill your dream.

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