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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food Surprises - Secret Garden @ Bangkok Sathorn Road

I decided to have this as separate post from my recent Bangkok trip. It is just too special (for me at least) by the name of the restaurant as well as the Fusion typed food served.

Secret Garden -- It gave me the imagination of several things. It made me watch a Korean Drama series over this weekend. Indeed a nice production, ignoring the language which I don't quite-get-it, the overall shooting are just scenic. Nice scene of Jeju island & Seoul, not missing the modern architecture of the rich-man's house!

Source : Wikipedia

Another Secret Garden has been a 'playground' of my photography lesson, which I had only been there once! Indeed it was secret as is not a well known public area.

Alright, back to this restaurant. Remembered, it was an unexpectedly cool day in Bangkok that day, as cool as 20C. I was brought to this place for lunch. From the name, it could tell how secret this place is. It looks like Levain at Imbi, KL. But this serve good lunch.

Here's the restaurant setup. They have 2 different section, one for dining another for afternoon tea type of setting.

Let's take a closer look what we had.

I love this.... soft-shelled crab salad! Imagine, this is only available in Japanese restaurant here.

Chicken with lemon, plus fried vegetables. Reminded me of the fried vegetable at Pantai Restaurant PJ.

Roti Canai with Green Curry. Brilliant idea! I will serve this at home next time when I cook green curry.

Lastly was dessert time. The waiter will show us the plate of cakes below...letting us choose. I was told this place serve the best Crepe Cake in Bangkok! Really? Oh, so happened I have yet tasted a Crepe bake before, a friend gave me recipe last time but I haven't get to try it out, as I have not taste one before. It needs lots of work and patient, probably I will rather enjoy it at a cozy garden styled coffee house instead.

Strawberry Crepe was excellent, Mocha Crepe was so-so only. :)

Need to know more of this place? Reference other's blog... check it out here.

Secret Garden Thai Restaurant
117/1 South Sathorn Road (Opposite the convent road)
Bangkok 10120
Tel : 0-2286-2464, 0-2286-2454
Open everyday from 11.00 - 22.00

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