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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prolink Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

I am not a geek! I am not a techie! What else? I may not be able to write technical blog, but mind you, I have the vision and dream on wish list for the setup in my little 'dreamland' room, which is all meant for my work, entertainment and reading. Yet a lot to do, including its furniture and decoration!

Well, coming back to the product which I recently shopped at PC Fair 2011, this weekend. In fact, I didn't get what I supposed to get, but was walking around observing all kinds of keyboard and mouse. The variety yet to be enough, it was not as great. Nevertheless, I incidentally got myself this keyboard - Wireless Keyboard which comes with touch pad.

I find it rather sexy sleek! Comes with a holder which could charge its Lithium battery via USB.

Check out the specification here - http://www.prolink2u.com/new/products/index.php?cid=259
, and it can be purchased online within Malaysia too, at http://www.proshop.my.

Planning to use this as my portable keyboard + mouse (in one), when I am lying over on my couch about 3meters away from my PC & LCD monitor. However...... I just noticed I might need another mouse to maneuver, during my photo editing session :( It is yet to be perfect.

Prolink may not be a famous brand in the industry, but it has exist for many years. It is a Singapore company brand. Had been serving me for close to 7 years, it all started with a USB WiFi receiver for my PC and laptop, at that time which does not have a Wireless card.

I then continued having a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard cum mouse, which I had been using for the past 3-4 years. They are both still in good condition. I like the ergonomically designed wireless mouse the most.

As we mentioned on ergonomics, I find the mouse design and industry can be challenging and difficult in designing something which fit-for-all individual. I certainly do not think an ergonomically proven mouse could fit-for-all. Urban human today are facing gaming PCs, laptops and later soon more frequently in front of an IPtv, static sitting posture has been badly influencing our body posture, mind and soul. Thus, knowing our own body and needs is clearly much more important than any others. We need to determine ourselves what suites us, what could help us to eliminate pain from strain. Keyboard and mouse position are equally important.

Talking about technology, I may not be the expert. Certainly, I myself could not get away from laptop, internet, wireless, handphone, etc... devices in my everyday life. They might have brought much convenience to us, but we should limit ourselves relying to it much to and extend, where we neglect our health and body. Do yourself a part in loving your own body, mind and soul. Live healthy!

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