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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Organic Sea Coral grass a.k.a. Sea bird's nest (海底燕窝)

Also known with its name "Eucheuma" (much of its benefit named here & here). Read out its benefit on your own. Believe most may know of this sometime ago.

I was introduced to this natural product few years ago, but wasn't too sure how could I benefit much from it. There is this 2 things which I don't quite like in preparing it, 1- The fishy smell & 2- The amount of time needed to soak and prepare them. Till lately, it was re-introduced to me during my wellness class. According to the source, this is the best, natural and economical way of improving collagen (膠原) in our body.

Most ladies will know what's the benefit of collagen. It always been mentioned in most beauty products, as normally collagen level decreases as we age. There is way for us to quickly identify if our body is lack of collagen, 1- age >25?, 2- feel of aging from the layer of skin?, 3- its hard to keep longer nails?, 4- skin dryness?, 5- need more time for make up?... :) don't get offended with the questions above. It was picked and translated from this Chinese website -

Back to the so called 'Sea Bird's Nest'. It has been a local product from my homeland - Sabah. A we all know it's a place of sea paradise especially around Tawau's offsite island where we have Sipadan Mabul situated. Following a website I found, this particular company has been producing this coral grass commercially - http://www.seaweed-birdnest.com/index.htm. Well, there is a bit controversial here where to me, things that made out of mass production - will it affect the natural food chain, will it affect the growth of corals under the seabed, will it pollute the sea?

Anyway, let's make it to the other side of story. Assuming environmental nature has been well taken care of. Here's something well introduce to others - the natural organic coral grass a.k.a. sea bird's nest.

(click to enlarge)

By normal, it has to be soaked for at least 6-7 hours. It then ready for variety of food and dishes. Followed several recipe references here as well as instruction above, I could share what I experimented these days.

  1. After soaking for 6 hours in clear water, place coral grass into crock pot simmer for another 4 hours.
  2. When the grass turned soft, I left them to cool down. Kept them in a glass bottle and refrigerated for later use.
  3. Some remaining can be left in the pot, add rock sugar & Chinese red dates. It made perfect for dessert. Extremely smells & tastes better than the pure fishy one without any ingredient added.

Other than the above, it is perfectly the same as jelly grass. Thus, it can make perfect jelly, I will venture into "Kwai-Fa" (桂花) jelly very soon. Till I have the time and occasion to share this :)

Have fun in trying. A pack of Sea Bird's nest like this will cost only RM6-7/pack. Worth a try if you don't mind the fishy smell :)

Recipe References:


Fran RS said...


Where did you buy this organic sea bird nest? Thank you

Purpledee said...

Hi Fran,
Not too sure where you are located now. If within Klang Valley, Malaysia, you may find it available in most Chinese medical hall. It's pretty common these days.