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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gardening World - 'Jambu Air' (水翁)

I have all variety of fruit trees at my backyard and even my garden. Well, to be fair to myself, I am not a gardening person. Thus, do not expect seeing me watering plants, fertilizing, sorting plants under the hot sun, it is just not me. Plant watering is indeed an occasional work for me. But, why am I having so many plants at home. Do figure out yourself.

One thing I am happy of myself, is able to eat healthily, much of organic and fruitful fruits at home. Fruits obviously bare from flower... and here is how it looks like at the early stages. Ants favourite hangout place.

Then it went this way...

Later its petal dropped...

Fruits are growing on the way...

Finally, they are ripen.

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