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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Milky Corn @ Cameron Highlands

Told myself... here is an easy post to fulfill my urge of blogging. It had been a while since I last held my keyboard hitting towards Blogger's page. Life had been just hitting the ups and downs, not to be mentioned here, anyway.

In my recent trip to Cameron Highlands (it had been 2-3 years since I last there), I discovered a new species of fresh corn sold. Previously pearly (珍珠) corn was the greatest choice of all, where now this Milkly corn tasted even better. Its corn flesh are all in pure milky white. Indeed, without having to company a steamed corn with salt or butter, it tasted just equally good. Thanks to the agriculture technology we have.

In case you would like to try one, the uncle whom we used to buy corn from at Cameron's Kea Farm has this. We bought slightly earlier with RM10 for 11, in less than 30min where the crowd had gained, he sold for RM10 for 8.. :P Seems the price fluctuate even faster than the market stock exchange.

Have a try. I wonder if I am able to plant them in my backyard. hehe.

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