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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travel - Bangkok, March 16-21 2011

This is mainly a food blog I had throughout my trip to Bangkok recently... :) I didn't realized it until I arranged the photos. Very fulfilling trip indeed, worth the stay over the weekend and personal holiday. Great company too, of course!

Food indulges started with Mango Sticky Rice & Pad Thai... at stall/hawker place near Thong Lor. Yummy!

Over the weekend, I then tasted Chinese food. Not sure about this place, but it serve Dalian (大连)Chinese cuisine. Where is Dalian? Should be a place in China, but not too sure where it is, forget it, no point knowing. But overall, food was good for lunch. Nice Nespresso coffee too... thank you!

At night, we then had steamboat at MK Gold. I have been to MK before, it's a chain store. But but but, why is it call MK Gold. Well, it is an upclass version of the normal MK. Indeed, the setup and decoration is slightly more premium. Food was good too. Tasted the roasted pork, yummy! As well as the kon-lo spinach noodle.

Sunday morning was Chatuchak (JJ) Market time! Weather was rather hot that day, we didn't shop long, and in fact I don't have much in mind too. Got what I wanted... and that's all for the day. We had brunch there... and here was what I had.... Red curry vermicelli & a dessert. The main dish was good, but not the dessert, it wasn't what I expected. I prefer the pure water chestnut dessert, this wasn't.

We then headed to Siam Paragon that afternoon. By the time we sat down for lunch (or rather tea time) was almost 3+pm. I had a set lunch with yellow curry. We noticed a special Chinese fried noodle wrapped with egg and mayonnaise on top. Looks like MeeGoreng Pattaya, but taste like Chinese noodle.

Beside food.. I experienced something new while in Bangkok. Visited the post office... coz I need to send out a parcel.

My last lunch was great too... we stopped by Thong Lor cafe for lunch. Nice cozy place, with air conditioner of course. I had some kind of fried rice, with cute little heart-shaped quill egg. Mango and Watermelon juice were so refreshing. And the dessert - fried banana ice-cream.

Lastly, was my 1st ever experience with Thai Silk Lounge. In my mind, it may be the last time for me to enjoy the lounge privilege as my Enrich Gold was expiring! :(

Good trip~!

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