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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

C-Coconut Seafood Restaurant (椰苑海鮮飯店), Kuantan

What made me blog this particular restaurant? Well, it ain't an unique seafood restaurant, nor serve any special dishes. Except I came to know they serve shark dishes, not particularly full range of shark meat dishes, as they do serve other normal fishes too, including freshwater fish.

Had a family dinner here last weekend. Hence, I can't say no to shark or shark fin, as it ain't my call anyway. It is known that many classified shark as one of the protected animal, many had ran causes to promote No Shark fin, especially among the Chinese community, whom still love to dine on Shark fin's as a classy dish. Well, if you'd to ask me, why don't we just go vegan while we should also classify other fishes as protected animal too. It's not in due cause that some fishermen had been hunting only for the shark fins, but not the entire fish's meat. To me, if one would hunt for the fin, should also kill the fish. Not letting them die suffering without their fin. In those case, it is then truly cruelty. If one would dine the entire fish, it makes no difference if one would eat other fishes.

It was glad that the restaurant ran out of shark meat that night. Hence, I didn't need to swallow the shark fish. But I did noticed they uses those mini shark fin for its steamed bean curd (Tofu) dish.

Steamed Tofu & Shark fin
Other dishes are as follows.

Hakka fried pork


Claypot Steamed Talapia
No doubt, their dishes served were not too bad, especially for simple family dinner. The restaurant was quite full, believe it was due to weekend where families usually dine out for dinner.

The location :
According to foursquare, the address is Lorong Sekilau 63, Kuantan, Pahang 25000
But a Facebook site mention it is along Jalan Haji Ahmad
Its a few shops next to Cosway, right opposite Petronas Station
(sorry didn't get their name card, will update next time round, if I ever get the chance)

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