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Saturday, May 26, 2012

R.I.P.... My 1st ever owned car

I was supposed to blog this last year, was hesitated while I couldn't find my old picture taken with this particular car of my parents. The picture was clearly captured in my memory as the chubby me was rather cutie that time, holding a smooth stick picked up from the beach of my beloved island - Victoria, Labuan. Believe that was the first photo shot for the car, when my parents first had it 30ish year ago.

Now, this nostalgia car of our family has officially R.I.P. after serving us close to 30 years. I submitted an application for official scrap at JPJ last December 29, 2011. This post will serve as a memorial for the ever strong and lasting Japanese car my family owned.

Last spotted @ Ipoh 

A little background of the car. I recalled from my childhood memory, it was a fully Japan imported car, oh well there was no locally or ASEAN assembled car at that time. The Toyota Corolla DX series, per Wikipedia it was the 4th generation of Toyota Corolla series. There was DX and GX series, I couldn't remember what was what, only thing I recalled was it did not came with air conditioner. Dad had to send for a fix for the air conditioner very soon after accepting the brand new car. Air conditioner was a luxury during that era.

This car was then migrated from Labuan to KL 10+ years ago. Been through the South China Sea all the way landed at Port Klang. It then followed me for a couple of years before it was physically handed back to the original owner, for all of its life, it was owned by one and only family! How glad can it be.

As a new owner at that time, I don't really know how to handle a huge "toy" like this. Made me went through lots of experiences, i.e. overheated, overhauled, JPJ re-registration for road tax transition from a 50% tax island to 100%, insurance renewal, roadtax renewal, regular workshop checkups, even a fix for both side mirrors! (the original body did not came with it, I find it difficult to drive on a complicated city driveway around Klang Valley without them. Those were the memories :)

As usual, I didn't take many photos with the car during my ownership. Only for occasion where it was slightly damaged, like pictures below. Oh well, I must clarify this... it wasn't me who drove the car that time. :)

Little damaged rear... 2001

Damaged side view
Oh dear... you are dearly missed~!

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