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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kedai Kopi Hai Peng (海濱) @ Kuantan, Pahang

If you are familiar with the ever famous Hai Peng Kopitiam at Kemaman, Terrenganu, this ain't the branch. I was not very sure if this shop has any connection to the one at Chukai Kemaman, but according to this blog, the Kuantan branch is opened by the grandson of Kemaman's Hai Peng. To me, as long as it is worth to dine, I don't mind going back or introduce more friends to stop by.

I bumped into this shop, on my recent visit back to the land of Lynas! Oh, remarking the heated protest on rare earth in Malaysia over 2011/2012. Side tracked with a picture on a anti-Lynas T-shirt I have got. I might not make more frequent stop to this place once the rare earth plant is fully operate, there goes the land of Malaysia. Ok, story aside.

T-shirt front 
T-shirt back
Alright, as my partner drove along Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz an afternoon, I saw many locals park their cars and headed to this coffee shop for coffee break. As the shop area was shady, it automatically became a good spot for locals hangout. Nevertheless, I told partner to stop at this shop instead of the original coffee shop we were supposed to head to.

As we about to sat down, we started to observe what others ordered. To be safe, we ordered out drinks which came along a set of roti bakar (toast bread). There goes our bread, I didn't even have the time to snap a pic, we both held it all into our mouth and stomach, taste good! Along on my left hand, I was busy googling for blogs of this shop. First blog I stumbled was this. Apparently, the bread they used for toast are all wholemeal bread, it's healthy! ^^

Iced coffee - so refreshing

There goes our observation for other foods available to taste. I saw the next table ordered Assam Laksa, while the blog did mentioned the same dish. Upon checking, my partner has headed near to the kitchen to place an order, and it surprised me well enough... they serve Italian Assam Laksa! What about that? It uses Spaghetti instead of local noodle, RM4/bowl.

Simple Assam Laksa

Oh dear - it was Spaghetti!
Honestly, it was yummy! Just love the noodle mixed onto the local assam laksa favor, simply delicious.
Worth a try if you happen to be around.

The address :
Hai Peng Kopitiam
Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz
25000 Kuantan, Pahang
(next to Sin Chew Jit Poh's office, opposite AmBank)

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