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Sunday, April 8, 2012

CNY 2012 - Labuan->Kota Kinabalu Road Trip

CNY? Isn't it long time ago? Oh yes, I know this is a dated post. I didn't have much time over the past weekends. Most given to standard weekend house chores, experimental baking and cookings, some other new weekend activities which I had recently picked up. Will blog about them later.

Here been my diary for this year's 2012. Knowing that it will be a though year ahead for me, I had started to adjust my believe mentally and physically came January 2012. New philosophy in my life, kick-started my year with an easy one. Most importantly, it's the believe that I had in the inner me, "看開了".

Made an afford to return home, across the sea last CNY holiday. It was great, being once again back to the childhood home. The beloved Victoria island, as some would say. It was a full filling trip. Met up with my primary classmates, such a mini gathering made us chat throughout the afternoon immediately after touched down the airport.

Lion dance is common too. We will have house to house visit. That's an orange color lion came to my neighbourhood.

Spent some other days at home. Shopped for liquor, explored many other kinds of beer in town. It was exciting and eye-opener for me, where there had been much more varieties of liquor made into the Duty-Free island this CNY. My favorite Paulaner in barrel! and many many types more.

Besides, it was nice to explored some good restaurants while dinner with the family. It had been awhile every since we had our CNY back in the island.

Went through some of my collections, saw this particular cap for my brass-band group during my primary school era. Obviously, that's my school badge! I was a lance copral that time.

Found some old coins within my cupboard too...

Towards the end of my trip, I finally got the chance to had a road trip from Labuan island to Kota Kinabalu. Purposely bought a ticket return from KK since it was super saver price! Here's the map we travel from the island, via a 2+hour ferry ride to Memumbok. Continued another 2+ road ride on the mainland all the way to Kota Kinabalu.

I prefer this ferry compared to the one in Penang, as it has more space to move around. However, according to source the ferry is not reliable. It had been commonly broke down, and passengers would need to source other alternatives, i.e. speed boat to return over to the island.

View from Labuan jetty, there are all sorts of ship and barge around the corner. It's an oil & gas island too.

Here's the passenger's corner of the ferry. Upper deck has air-con room for passenger, but I would prefer the open-aired place.

The upper top deck is very spacious and windy... you could get sun tent here too.

Once settled down at Memumbok, a small remote town over the mainland (the place is certainly much remote than Labuan). We hit the road and move towards another town, namely Beaufort for lunch.

Lunch was simple, we had noodles. Sorry, didn't have the picture here.

We reached Kota Kinabalu around 3pm. Checked in hotel (can't remember the hotel at Penampang), we had a good deal for family room.

Mom introduced us good dimsum in KK, she even compared it with Ipoh's Foh Sang (Uhhh?? Sure or not?). Oh well, tasted them and indeed was much better than the famous one around Peninsular. Had big big siew mai and some other tasty seafood stuffs, i.e. scallop. Mom said the place is usually full around 8-9am. Lucky us as we hit the place around 730am that Sunday morning, before had our Sunday market shopping at Gaya Street.

Sunday market is nothing new for the locals, and its a tourist attraction spot too. Without fail, we will packed some Polo Bun! :) Other than that, we had a quick walk around, enjoy the scene of busy Sunday street, didn't shop much too. It was great to have own ride in this town, made out movement ever convenient.

Gaya Street during CNY.

Some traditional musics by the locals.

Stamp collectors reseller.

Massage by the blind.

There goes my CNY of 2012 Dragon year. Blessed to be home, besides having good food nice home cooked dishes too :)

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