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Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY - Limau Kasturi Jam (桔子醬)

I had excessive limau kasturi a.k.a. lime available at the backyard, not too sure what to do with them. It came by an idea to make them into jam. Jam which we usually use to make drink or fruit punch.

It had been a good cure for sore throat. Remembered some time ago a friend bought me a bottle of such lime when I had this miserable sore throat and cough. Stir a spoon full in luke warm water, it could ease sore throat occasionally.

How to make them, here are some simple steps :-
  1. Rinse lime with hot water, to ease away greenish smell
  2. Cut lime into half, de-seeds them
  3. Place cut lime into food processor or blender; not to blend till full granted
  4. Cook them in a pot, with sugar (I used organic sugar) for about 1.5 hour. Stir them occasionally
Recipes in Mandrin :-

Encourage organic cultivation, eat healthy!

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