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Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY - Bib Lace Necklace

It happened just this week, when I had my shopping day alone and I passed by Tang's new outlet at One Utama. Saw this a set of elegant necklace on the display, and it immediate reminded me of a Taiwanese fashion drama I watched last year.

According to this local fashion site, Bib Necklace is a recent trendy fashion. Oh dear, I am seriously not a trendy fashionable person at all, but somewhat I am just attracted to nice and elegant stuffs. This challenged me to sew one of this on my own!

Here goes the outcome of my 'creative' handmade product. It seems my creative mindset once stimulated at that particular moment, where I drove myself to a beads and tread shop in Seapark, PJ. It was the immediate afternoon, where I finished the below lace necklace of mine. :)

Counting the years, it had been more than 5 years I do not made my own necklace. Specially those made of Swarovski crystals...

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