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Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY - Barley Oat Bread made with Noxxa Breadmaker

I love experimenting with all kinds of bread with my breadmaker. Some recipe was previously shared by friends, while they are all using Kenwood breadmaker. Both had the same breadmaking concept and I find it easy to get along with their instruction.

I missed out some picture on the previous experimental breads. The last before this was a Pandan Pumpkin Seed bread, I like the Pandan smell very much, as it was all fresh from my backyard.

This time round, I experimented with left over Barley (薏米渣), all from the boiling pot for Barley drink. I always find it a waste, to chuck such leftover just like that. Though it usually gets recycled as composite for my plants. It seems ready for bread, but I don't need them all.

My Barley Oat Bread
For breadmaker user, this is fairly simple.

Place your wet ingredient at the bottom of your bread tray, in order to keep them away from the yeast. While the dry ingredient on top, and finally place the dried yeast cover at the very top of the flour.

Here was how I distributed my ingredient.

Wet : Milk 180ml, butter 1 tbsp, sugar 1 tbsp, pinch of salt, barley rice 5-6 tbsp
Dry : High Protein/Bread flour 200g, Wholemeal Flour 130g, Instant Oat 3 tbsp, mix them well

Place the tray into the breadmaking machine, I used the standard normal bread. It turned out just nice.
This had been the most satisfied bread I have ever made, it was moist enough, probably due to the fact that Barley was soaked for long time, where it absorb water.

I have yet try to make  bread without help from breadmaker. Will soon find the courage to do so, probably once I get fed up with the experimental ingredient. :)

You are welcome to try this, left over Barley rice still has lots of minerals and fibers in them. Don't waste food.

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