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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ogawa EZ Thrive... my recent companion

I would not say I am a fan of exercise, though I do drag myself for yoga, belly dance, breeze walking or at times a 10KM walk... True enough, I am a sports freak! I hate exercising ever since I was young, not sure why.

Nevertheless, our fragile human body do need a lot of exercises each day, especially for those whom stay in office work, tied up onto the office chair and computer for at least 8-10 hours a day.

Let me introduce this recent companion of mine, with an advertisement (self explained) below.

Ogawa - EZ Thrive from Cheonghh on Vimeo.

Then, here is the real picture of the slim looked Ogawa EZ Thrive.

(excerpt from Ogawa official website)

It's such an easy to use machine, much more easier than a treadmill or those static bicycle. Practically does not need any strength or energy to drag you on it. It's just some matter of posture you would need to let the machine massage and burn its fat and calories.

There are couple of ways one could use this machine. By standing straight up, bend some of the knees, siting on it, side way up, and so per mentioned on the user guide. One will find a little burning itchy, if there is fat to burn. Else, it is perfect enough to help with various movements for some part of the body.

Worth it all!

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