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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wonders of Cotton & My Tibet Cotton Plant

Not too sure how many could still remember the olden days cotton wool pillow (named Kekabu in Malay)? Guess those same era as mine might still have the opportunity to see and feel such cotton wool pillow. Still remember those days when my pillows get thinner, mom would need to refill with more cotton wools. It wasn't a good experience after all, when you couldn't control the amount of wool fly around the house. Hence, we usually have to do the refill work in the balcony.

It had been recent years, when I don't feel good with my sleep and experiencing occasional body ache. I have been hunting for various kind of pillow, be it pure feather, memory foam, some synthetic with ginko, etc... Spent quite a sum in getting a comfortable pillow. Till one fine day, I was fed up with all the trial and error, I made myself a traditional cotton wool pillow!

Few months there for testing, proven it works fine for me! GO nature, GO organic, GO environmental friendly.

In case you would like to make one for yourself, your toddler or family members. You can always grab the natural wool from in bags from small villages area, i.e. Sg Buloh or Kuala Selangor, for those staying around Klang Valley. Prince ranges RM15-25 per pack.

Packs of cotton wool

Shop in Sg Buloh
Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the actual location of this shop. It stated R10, BT 17 Kampung Merbau Sempak, Sg Buloh. Check out Google maps, may be able to locate it. There are more shops along the way between Kuala Selangor - Sekinchan. Was just able to grab another pack for a friend recently.

On the other hand, cultivating and planting had been such interesting, especially with the species of Tibet cotton, given by its seeds from a friend.

Tibet cotton - 1st seed
Tibet cotton flower bloomed with pink 

Full bloomed turned yellowish
Successfully turned cotton
Plucked cotton
The plant took only a few 2-3 months before it bloomed the first flower and turned into cotton. A Tibet cotton plan is at most 1.5ft tall. Easy to maintain, needs enough sun light, nice flower, most importantly it bear cotton! I may plant more of this at home, at least I have organic cotton wool to spare next time. Will it be possible?

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