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Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY - Toad in Hole, Egg in Bread recipe

Such a simple breakie I had myself one Saturday morning. There was 2 slices of leftover wholemeal bread on my table. Many find this interesting, so do I. In fact it tasted yummy, especially when the egg is kampung a.k.a village egg.

My recipe:
  1. Place a slice of cheddar cheese in between the bread
  2. Cut then with a cookie cutter (isn't my love shape lovely :))
  3. Heat the pan with a little butter, place the cut slices of bread onto the pan
  4. Crack the egg into the hole, let it cook; dash some white pepper
  5. Serve...

My version of 'toad in hole'
In fact, the idea was stolen by a friend when we had our small picnic outing at FRIM, exactly 1 year ago! See the little girl cut between the slice of bread. :) Looks like a voodoo!

A friend made this

There is many name to this.. toad in hole attracted me. Some call it Egg in Hole. Whatever it is, its such a simple and tasty breakie to be served. One usually make it with single slice of bread, but I prefer double. First I could safe on eggs, secondly I could add-on with cheddar cheese or ham in betweens.

Happy testing. ~ full of love ~

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