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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Food Surprises - Hoong Foong Dim Sum, Subang USJ21

Blogging from the phone has affected my picture quality these days. I noticed my photos are distorted with resolutions decrease significant. Anyway, at least document down my on going life, in case I would have Alzheimer one day :).

It was a Sunday, ops.. it was just last Sunday. After a tiring bicycle ride at Taman Bukit Cahaya, a.k.a. Taman Pertanian Shah Alam or Taman Cheraka. Our usual gang craved for dim sum. Where else we could hit to nearby, everyone asked. Great that one of them came across this place at USJ21 before, a quiet industrial area with a few rows of shop lot. Here come our dim sum exploration.

Hoong Foong USJ21
Cars will usually double-park in front of the shop, while getting their quick grabs at the outside corridor tables. We were lucky that morning, as we spotted an empty proper lot just in front of the shop.

I don't have their usual dim sum servings pictures, nothing to shout about. But I find them tasty yet not those MSG'ed type. Pretty good! The crowd ordered this fried lobak kuih. It was interestingly tasty, because it has a little spicy. Fried with a little of chili oil, good choice.

Fried Lobak Kuih
Further on when the boss introduced us some steamed buns for order, noticed he mentioned something I had been wondering and yet never tasted it before. [yeah, I am not a food explorer nor a great eater.. my regular blog reader will notice this.] Finally, I have got the chance to taste this. Yummy and tasty, love it! It's made of custard egg york (may be salted egg though), eat when it's still hot from the steamer made it perfectly tasty.

Lao Sa Pao - Creamy egg custard bun
Address : No 77 and 79, Jalan USJ 21/10, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone : 016-203 1972

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