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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soya Sauce

Coping with some short memory matters here, especially for sundries item. I do snap pictures all in my phone, which been settled with some 800++ pictures to sort. I still find it documenting in the blog could help more, especially with the label sorting. Hey! That's me... particular for such Slow Moving Consumer Product of mine, I gotta find a place to save them for future reference.

This particular brand's soya sauce was recommended by my 6 months old (at that time) niece. How could she recommend when she couldn't even speak a word? Well, we were told that she refuses to have her porridge without a drop of such soya sauce. That was why my brother in law intro this to us, in purpose to check out whether its true.

Well, I noticed its not bad compared to my usual Po Po Soya sauce. This has a little pure fragrance and not-so salty. Blends well with raw chili padi with garlic.

Purpose of this blog is not particularly introducing this product, but rather for my document purposes when visiting Penang island. Until its time to shop for this.... :)

Rose Brand Soya Sauce
Interesting enough, they have their own website http://hengleesauce.com/. A bottle of this selling in Singapore could cost S$13? Check out here at Qoo10, that's interesting...

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Sin said...

It's 2 bottles for SGD13 :)