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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Food Surprises - Chuan Kee (源記), Ulu Yam Lama

Most would know Ulu Yam is famous for its Loh Mee 鹵麵 - soupy based think noodle. Guess I have been there 2-3 times, and at all times been eating at Ulu Yam Baru. This time round, with a food guiding write up, we made our way onwards to Ulu Yam Lama. A dessert old town with many old folks around the corner. I was a little hesitate walking into the restaurant at 1030am that morning, where close to 5-6 pairs of eyes staring at us (old folks were lepaking at the shop).

I was glad to order a drink of fresh honey dew fruit drink. To my surprise, they don't serve coffee or teh  c kind of drink. Rather healthy to have all kind of fruit drinks with the a reasonable price of RM3.

Food wise, we tried a single portion of Loh Mee (RM5) and a single portion of Braised pork bihun 扣肉米粉 (RM9). along with a portion of fried fish cake (RM5). Yum... there were all great. I like the fish cake cos its rather fresh.

Braised pork Bihun
Fish Cake
Loh Mee
Definitely will make an effort to drop by this further on village again. Food was awesome and freshly made. Worth the journey, although it wasn't a pleasant one.

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