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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Foods@ Kota Kemunung - Grains & Beans

It's interesting to know, the community around Kota Kemuning has been consciously looking into healthy lifestyle businesses. Recently stumbled into this shop, located next to an organic shop namely Truly Organic, where I'd need to grab some vegetable.

They sell all kinds of mix grains, a.k.a. "rice". Ranges from pearly rice to all kinds of mixed ones. With reference to its name, of course they offer beans too. Be it from barley beans to any colorful beans. Grains and beans are well presented, they all look fresh too. I won't need to shop for my grains at the weekly once temporary market.

To my surprise, they offer daily "tong sui" (dessert) too, and some other light food. I didn't have time to go through their menu. Perhaps it may be good to try one day.

This mixed green bean and grain dessert wasn't too sweet. They provide fructose for customer, in case they find it tasteless. No table / white sweetener offered.
Green bean tong sui
It's a cafe too

Location :- 
Next to Truly Organic - Persiaran Anggerik Vanila, Sinaran Satu, Kota Kemuning.
Behind Subway.

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