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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The handy antiseptic OPSITE spray

What made me feels like writing this post? Inspired during a doctor's visit lately, when I stumbled into a workmate in the same clinic. He was injured from a biking weekend. That reminded me to have this spray handy all the time, especially for outdoor activities.

My partner usually has this handy, even during a photog hangout session. This recalled an experience over at Perhentian Island some years ago, when a photography friend of ours slipped from the rock and had a minor cut. Upon applying this spray, he was basically jumping from head to toe! Overall, it was effective, besides having antiseptic use, it applied a layer of waterproof coating. Preventing bacteria and water onto the wound.

I recently had a slight cut on my finger. This safe my energy in dressing the wound every now and then. In fact, I recovered in less than 5 days. Certainly worth an intro, in case one yet to find it useful.

Opsite Spray

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Stay safe! 

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