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Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIY - Star fruit & Star fruit Enzyme ( 杨桃酵素)... safe to consume?

Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola), kind of a unique shaped fruit named by its shape. Anyone knows how to grow or how its growing three looks like? Well... to share with you its small lil fruit and flower before it gets mature and ripe. Took this pic while I was visiting my grandmom couple of months ago.

Also months ago, I made myself a jar of Star fruit enzyme. Pictures below as proof.

  • 1) Make sure fruits and utensils are washed and 100% air dried.
  • 2) Cut the fruit into slices
  • 3) Place layer of fruits and place brown sugar (with Oligo) and some honey in between layers

  • 4) 1 week later, enzyme juices produced.

However, I did some googl'ing on Star Fruit before consuming them.... this particular article had prevented me from consuming this particular enzyme. Why? Continue reading this - Start Fruit can be toxic for kidney patients @ The Star.com.my. Experts out there, probably you could tell me if this is safe to consume.

Oh no.. what should I do with this bottle of enzyme, which practically been fregmented nicely....

Well, next step is to treat it as non-edible enzyme, just like what been posted in my garbage enzyme DIY post. Uses it as bathroom wash as well as floor moping. It smells good with fruity fragrance too.

Some write ups about Start Fruit - http://thaifood.about.com/od/introtothaicooking/ss/starfruithowto.htm

Posting below is my first garbage enzyme done during my year end holidays. Looks nice? Indeed... it has been full of fruits skin, i.e. lemon, orange, apples, sweet corn, etc...

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Choy said...

So wasteful. Use enzyme to wash bathrooms. Even if I know starfruit enzyme is not going to be good for kidney patients, I guess consuming a little won't do much harm. But honestly I have been doing other fruits enzyme for sometime back and they are pretty good and healthy - following the same method as you mentioned. Thanks for the sharing.