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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New - Pulau Ketam Nasi Lemak

What's so special about this Nasi Lemak? Is it that it is so special there in Pulau Ketam that everyone from the island would know, or someone from Pulau Ketam had invented that dish? In case you might not know where is Pulau Ketam (Ketam literally means Crab, so its called Crab Island), its an small island located outside of Port Klang. The so-called important port of West Malaysia.

Anyway, it was a coincident we bumped into this hawker center in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. As I mentioned it was coincident, the restaurant we bumped into was called "Soon Lu 顺路", in Chinese means "on-the-way". We were on our way to Tesco Bukit Tinggi for Chinese New Year groceries shopping.

Since we had never tried this restaurant cum hawker center stalls all together. It's time to observe what other customers are having. We noticed most of them having this newspaper-wrapped food. Not quite sure what was that... then happened to noticed there were self-serviced stall with wrapped Nasi Lemak and fried bihun.

What's there in the nasi lemak? I could see white rice, 1/4 boiled egg, sauce fried onion, little shrimps and ikan bilis, not to forget some dried and fried sambal-like chilli. Indeed a special type of Nasi Lemak which don't think I had ever had before. The bihun is packed with the same sambal too.

Some picture for sharing....

By the way, I stopped by another shop and found there is an interesting restaurant, again... serving Pulau Ketam dishes. Not sure why, the area of Bukit Tinggi Klang as got many restaurant serving Pulau Ketam dishes, including seafood steamboat!

Where are all these places... don't really know their location exactly, there are all within the vicinity of Lorong Batu Nilam 3.

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