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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wishing everyone, Gong Xi Fa Chai..... Happy Chinese New Year!

(pic taken @ MidValley center court on Jan 16, 2009)


It's Lunar New Year, greatest celebration among the Chinese Community, as the start of the year of each Chinese Zodiac sign. This year is the year of Ox. To those celebrating this remarkable start of new year in Malaysia has 2 days public holiday, Monday Jan 26 and Tuesday Jan 27, 2009. Whereby, to those working in the area of Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan (my hometown!) we will have another additional public holiday on the Feb 1, replacement on Feb 2. Therefore, most of us will enjoy the long holiday season for 10 days, with just 3 days extra personal leaves applied in between.

However, one most irritating moment of this celebration is the traffic condition on most highways heading to urban area, out from the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Movement of traffics in between cities will also be heavy. Most airports will be crowded especially on the eves. Most shopping malls were crowded at least 1 week before.

Unfortunately, I am one of the victim to those traffic conditions happened 2 days before Chinese New Year. It was just yesterday when most people will travel on the road. Take a look at the traffic chaos at East Coast Expressway (ECE) below. At kilometer 91.2, there was an accident happened causing the massive jam like this..... oh dear..

But good thing was, I had got the chance to enjoy nice blue skies view like this... just a time killing tool :P

Hereby, wishing all the best for the year of Ox.. enjoy your holidays and vacations. It's time to recharge ourselves before the "bulling" year starts and get active again. As leisure, you might want to know your Zodiac and Horoscope sign prediction here.


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