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Friday, January 30, 2009

Traffic Jam @ Taman Metropolitan, Kepong

Traffic jam has always been a headache in the metropolitan city like KL, especially during festive and holiday season. On the 2nd day of CNY, it was expected there being lots of traffic movement around, reason being most traditional Chinese society has been moving around, across cities where its being the "wives" family visiting days. Don't ask me why there is such tradition, if I am allowed to voice my opinion here, there will be a long debate over it.

Alright, back to the topic above. It was 2nd day of CNY evening. We were heading back home from the east coast, can't avoid the MRR2 highway at Kepong. Again, we saw a massive traffic jam... to be exact, we have been to couple of traffic slow down and jam all the way on east coast expressway and Karak highway. This has been the last one.

Why? Let's take a look closely what is there in the sky.... its kites, about 100+ or greater!! This has caused many onlooker along the road slowed down drasticly, amiring the nice scene especially with the evening sunset.

I was not able to capture any nice picture was we didn't slow down much. Just barely snapped some of the photos, hopefully could get a best out of those.

Exact location of this park, namely Taman Metropolitan, Kepong. GPS coordinate : N3 13.701 E101 38.998

Click map to enlarge view

To those who are interested with kite playing, this is the place where you could see great crowd. To me, I would prefer a place which is less crowd, preferably at a nice beach in my hometown, Labuan... Shhh... to be honest, I have not play a kite before.. hehehe

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