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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fast Food Mc Donalds @ Labuan Airport

Another CNY travel mission, its our arrival to my island sweet island. Again after my last trip Jul/Aug 2008. Touched down at Labuan Airport about 11am, on the 3rd day of CNY, after a very early morning 7:35am flight, which ended up delayed for close to 1 hour. Moving across the clear blue skies....

Besides waiting for our luggage, my mission was to check out Air Asia ticketing counter if I am able to change my departure flight to an earlier flight next Monday. When I first stepped out the arrival hall... guess what I saw?

Ta da... it's McDonalds situating on my left corner! It had been many many years I (may be others) that waited for this fast food made available to us in Labuan. We had KFC about 10+ years ago, and Pizza Hut only almost 10 years ago, when the Financial Center building started its

Hereby, we will have greater choice in the island. Having the chance to enjoy nice chilling cone ice-cream sundae here in the hot and sunny island. What a great idea. Anyway, this was an eye opener. I am following impressed with the airport building, seeing it transformed from its skeleton building without airconditioner, into today's fully airconned and proper arrival hall with more shops around. There was improvement.

I even recall the olden days Labuan airport.. in which it was a very runned down traditional hut style. Located at the other end of the runway. That was even an embaraced type of airport at that time. Let's see if I have the old pic to share with.

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