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Friday, January 2, 2009

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - The Gelateria

This was my FIRST meal of the year & the ONLY meal of the day, on Jan 1 2009 !!! I skipped my breakfast that morning, as I woke up almost 11am. Because of this heavy brunch, I would have to even skipped my dinner. At 1130am, I was called for lunch at this particular newly opened Italian cafe. Immediately, I've got ready myself with a camera, make sure I captured the cafe's setup as well as their food. Special thanks to a friend who treated us this fabulous lunch in Kota Kemuning. It was great!

In fact I have been noticing the cafe's advertisement banner around the commercial areas in Kota Kemuning. But somehow I was not able to track them. Believe this blog could help some food-adventurist out there to locate this place much better.

I could consider myself as a pasta lover! .... but not very in particular crazy for ice-creams. I have heard of Italian Gelato ice cream lately, this is the best opportunity for me to try out their signature product. According to the owner, they have their own ice cream machine in their shop. Producing varieties of ice cream favor fresh from their machine. The do provide training lessons for industrial gelato producer.

The idea of setting up a cafe, serving Italian food especially set lunch/breakfast is to suit the local lifestyle. As one will not walk into a shop just for the purpose of getting a scoop or two of ice cream, unlike the European culture.

So, we now have the opportunity to taste both good food as well as ice creams, just under the same roof!

Quick pictures introduction below, as we go along introducing the foods and ice creams.

Cafe setup - Indoor, Outdoor tables

Bread & Spagetti aglio e Olio (Garlic)

Hungarian Beef Gulasch & Deep Fried Temura Fish

Farmer's Omelette & Lamb Chop

Varieties of Gelato & current Set List

My coffee & Gelato ice cream

It seems that this cafe is running a couple of promotions lately. First is for HSBC card member. Visit HSBC credit card promotion newsletter (page 2). Valid till 31st Jan 2009.

Second is their Opening Promotion - I planned to try its Spaghetti-EIS (Ice cream), anyone? The serving looks interesting. Details also available at Malaysia Food Promotions blog.

Business Hour : 10am - 8pm (Tue - Sun, Close on Monday)

Location :
No. 6, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla V31/V
Kota Kemuning, Seksyen 31
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel : +603-5122 1206

GPS Coordinate : N3 00.362 E101 32.187

Featuring the owner :
Eduard Horvath at below pic..

Disclaimer : This is an independant review and any opinion published is based on personal tastebuds, it may vary with others.


Choy said...

Wow what a good writeup. Did the restaurant owner Mr Eduard got to know about this? He must be extremely pleased. Yes, I, know about the HSBC promo but I "malu" asking for further discount because it's already so, so cheap. Glad you like that 1st meal of 2009. My pleasure.

Purpledee said...

yeah.. I hv yet to email him.. will do so now. thx for reminding :=)

Anonymous said...

DO NOT GO TO THIS CAFE!!! The lady boss (don’t know is Judy or Julie as she self intro herself when we walked in) has some mentally problem...Shouted and curse customers, and use vulnerable language to scold people. Serving time more than 1 hour, she has no staff as all her staff ran away because of her attitude. She said she is one woman show, do everything, from order, cook, serving and bill. I went dining with my friends using dealshelves coupon for Spagetti ice-cream (RM8). She scolded us for not making a reservation. She said she didn't put the plate in the freeze, vanilla flavour not enough, bla bla....Hello, in the coupon, it clearly stated that no reservation is required as it valid for walk-in customers. When told her that in the coupon stated no reservation required, her temper exploded and she shouted "WHATEVER LAH". We were the only customer that time, no other customer in her cafe. Really don't understand, what so difficult here? We were forced to upgrade the ice-cream to gold and selection flavour as she said dealshelves coupon is valid for vanilla flavour only, but that time she said her vanilla flavour ice-cream finished. However, we can see from her freeze that vanilla ice-cream is there. Actually in dealshelves coupon, it clearly stated that it valid for one premium flavour only. Talked to her about this and she fiercely scolded us saying we only pay for RM8, so what can we expect? This lady you really can't argue with her, you will lose. She really can become lawyer and she can talk non stop until you give up. So we have no choice but upgraded 5 plates of Spagetti ice-cream to gold selection. This lady like to disturb us when we happily chatting among our friends. She keep on interrupting us saying all nonsense thing (told us her family background, what her past job last time, how strong is her in her religious etc) until we do not have mood to sit longer and chit-chat. The worse part is when the bill came, we were shocked to see the price per ice-cream is about RM50++ after discounting with dealshelves coupon. There were 5 of us, the amount is about RM250++ for 5 plates of ice-cream. Asked her why so expensive, but she started making noise. She said her ice-cream is the best in the world, ingredient no 1, used fresh fruits, etc. Shit, it is more expensive than Baskin Robbins and Haagen Dazs. Tried talk nicely to her, but her mouth talked like a machine gun and used sarcastic words to scold us. She nagged for more than 10 minutes non-stop until we have no chance to talk. One of my girl friend (who is a soft-spoken girl) tried to talk nicely to her, but end up she scolded her until she cried. We lost in this battle. Five mouths also can't beat this one dictator iron lady mouth. At the end, we gave-up, paid the amount with unwilling heart and left and promised will not ever return to this cafe again even pay us money!!

Purpledee said...

Anonymous. Thanks for the comment. As you may notice, this blog was written back 2009. Honestly, since then I had never make another visit, not due to any -ve experience as you did, solely with no craving for the food.

Thanks for sharing, this prevented me from another visit after all.

Anonymous said...