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Sunday, April 5, 2009

DIY - Spagetti Carbonara

It's normally Fettuccine Carbonara ! But this time I had changed my recipe to Spagetti instead. Indeed I do see others doing the same.. and it tasted good. This was my first time trying on Prego's Carbonara sauce.

Indeed a good try.... my ingredient was simple.
  • Ingredient : Spagetti, sliced ham, canned mushroom, 1 slice of cheese, olive oil, chopped garlic

  • Recipe:
  • 1) Heat spaggetti on another pot.
  • 2) Fried ham (I have 2 types of ham - fried and cooked)
  • 3) Fried chopped garlic + mushroom + ham
  • 4) Pour canned Prego's Carbonara, and add water... and a slice of cheese
  • 5) Sieve spaggeti out, add olive oil, add parsley flakes
  • 6) Serve Carbonara mix onto spaggeti... and here it goes.

Here are some good recipe sites, worth exploring. Especially for some one like me who likes a ONE-Dish Meals!!.

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