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Sunday, April 5, 2009

DIY - What's there for breakfast ?

One ever told me that she will not blog/write about others food, not to place free advertisement for others like most floggers doing today. Thus, my food blog has never been a favorite posts after all.. at least 2 has told me that :P. But still, I will continue writing even if it is not in favour... at least its for me to document and past time in blogging.

So, what's there here this time.... I had been keeping these picture for a while, its time for me to 'show-off' my self-cooked breakfast meal. At times when I am bored of outside commercial food for breakfast, I will start to cook. Here're some of the breakfast meals I had done so far... (forgot today's picture, but it looks about the same like this below).

Next is the Pancake meal! My sis will not love this, guess why? Coz since we were kids, our dad had stuffed us with this kind of pancake very often, at least once in a month's weekend? Well, for me I would still like it. Our serving was normally just with butter or honey, served hot will taste nicer.

In case one would like to try.. here's the recipe.
  • Ingredient :
  • Egg, Flour, Sugar (prefer white sugar), Water
  • 1) Sorry, I don't have the exact measurement for ingredient above, all based on my own judgement.
  • 2) Beat egg + flour + sugar into cold water... make sure flour is all beaten up evenly.
  • 3) Heat the pan.
  • 4) Scoop a small cup and round them at the pan.
  • 5) Flip over when it turns golden yellow.
  • 6) Serve.

It's as easy as ABC, but it takes time to do it one by one.

The pancake picture reminds me of Paddington Pancake's servings. Kind of indulge into their dessert servings with mixed fruits and ice-creams... Been hearing it from a friend's recommendation ever since last year! Guess I am able to do the same like theirs too ;)

Next time mine will not be as plain for breakfast... will add egg, ham or even bacon !!!

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