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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Famous Hokkien Mee @ Ahwa Restaurant, Jalan 222 PJ

I am sure many could have known about this famous Hokkien mee stall in PJ. First of all, what is Hokkien Mee? Check it out here at Wikipedia, it's fried noodle with Fujian (福建) Style. Mind me, it's the fried style serve in KL area, not the soupy prawn noodle style.

My sis has been missing this stall's Hokkien mee very much, thus, I suggested to pack her this noodle yesterday evening, after my long hour class at Kota Damansara. Gosh.... I love this stall's noodle too, why.... certainly because they use traditional charcoal and serve with crispy lards. Love it... yeah.. and most my friends and colleagues do like it too. Remembered I had this about 1 month ago, after a Friday night hangout... furthermore it was a rainy and stormy late night.

Hereby, I am not going to show how the end-product Hokkien Mee looks like... but you could always refer to others flogger's sites - this and this. Below are some pictures taken at this restaurant, see what makes it a difference.

The cooks...
The charcoal...
The mee...
Oh yeah.. and I forgot their chili sauce, which I like the most too. Can't go without it.

Besides, this shop does serves other food, e.g. satay, fruit rojak, lobak, chicken rice and a special 'toast' taufu... I like this too :)

Restoran Ahwa

66, Jalan 14/48

Petaling Jaya

Note: Located Behind the Shell Station, near the Honda Showroom

Non Halal


Jacko said...

Ok but not my preference, feel like not enough "ummph". Still prefer Klang's one.

Purpledee said...

Klang one? Bila nak intro... ???

Jacko said...

anytime 24x7 let's plan :)