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Sunday, April 12, 2009

World Vision Malaysia - Building a better world for Children

Some or many of us could have heard of World Vision organization in Malaysia. They had achieved very good responses with its publicity over the past few years.

We have a sponsored child at Kapur, Thailand. Her name is Suriya. Guess we had sponsored her since she was 10+ years old, and now she has turned 13... obviously a teenage girl now. I have been corresponding with her via snail mail (postal mail) these while, as the organization does not encourage us to get in contact with them directly. All postal mails have to go through their World Vision center in Thailand, before they distribute the package/mail to the children. In a way, that's good to protect the sponsor, as well as the children.

We should do our part as much as we can. I do hope she will grow up and be a very successful person one day. She could change her lifestyle one day with the support of us... indeed some Artists even have a few sponsor children all around the world. Though, they might be doing this as part of their celebrity promotion, if such act could lead to better life of the poverty children all around the world - why not? Some kids are so brilliant, but they are unfortunate to be borned in such condition of life, where no one would choosed to be. Give them a hope, you could see the glaring stars from their eyes, which lead them to a better future !

I forgot to snap pictures of all the gift I had sent her all these while... in fact I should as I could remember what I had given her and will not repeat the same gift next time round :P. Anyway, here's what I always get in return when she replied my letter - Beautiful stamps from Thailand !!

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