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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beer Talk ... Bavaria, Hoegaarden & Paulaner

Please don't get me wrong, I am not a Beer-holic! It was a coincident, while I was hunting for a few cans of beer, in preparation for a mini get-together at my new home. We found this beer at a nearby grocery store, intended to give it a try, since it was fairly cheap - MYR4.70 for tall can.

This lager beer seems to be rather smooth & malty, with the slight amount of sweetness brought in between the taste. Some might caught to slight drunkness because its alcohol content is 8.6%, slightly higher in comparison with the normal 4.x% or 5% of alcohol content.

Worth giving this a try, if you happen to bump into this brand of beer - The Bavaria Beer.

I had a good happy hour company lately, especially on a Friday afternoon after work. Just had my Hoegaarden last Friday at JayaOne's Brussels Garden Cafe. I recalled when I had my first Hooegaarden - it was on my 1st business trip to Houston 3 years ago. We had a wind-down session at Flying Saucers, Downtown Houston. I still remember I was the last to finish my glass, and colleagues were all waiting for me (we were heading for a basketball match at the Toyota Center)!! At the end, one of my colleague had to finish that for me... sigh~ what a horrible drinker! Hoegaarden is a Belgian beer.

Besides, coming from a tax-free heaven island of Labuan, brought me with all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Some unknown or rather rare brands can be found in the island's duty free shops. But they are all occasionally found, guess its just selling some left-over brands or 'testing the market' around. I will blog more the next time round when I have the chance to go home. :P

Next in my memory was an introduction of Paulaner beer. It has been one of my kaki's favourite German beer, after a great try at a German restaurant serving pork knuckle some time ago. I like their dark lager beer... it has a little honey-sweetness. I was introduced to this beer back in Singapore 3 years ago, by my cousin. The pub was rather interesting because they brew their beer in-house. It was great! My happy hour kakis still searching for a good place for Paulaner hangout place, suggestion anyone?

Till then, when I have other chance to try out new beers...

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