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Sunday, August 9, 2009

DiGi Yellow Man follows me home ~!

He follows me home, saved my life :P, provides me convenient 3G broadband at home.... while I am still waiting for my TM StreamyX broadband for home, while my neighbour's Maxis broadband is not consistently performing (it drops every interval hour, possibly resetting its IP by itself).

Here's what I got from DiGi store at SS2 Petaling Jaya, the place where I got my current prepaid phone number 10+ years ago, where I had my sim-card changed and upgraded, etc... I am a loyal DiGi customer after all these years. Proud of their service, though there are times where certain things just does not work well... but they are there to service you.

Many have been asking me about the performance since yesterday. Well, I have merely used it for 24hours, dare not comment much. So far, since my area has DiGi's coverage well enough, the performance is fine... at least the connection does not drop persistently. I have yet trying it in a mobile mode, might do so next weekend.

I have been noticing its connections being moved around within WCDMA, HSPDA and EDGE. Not really sure the differences, but would believe its some highend of service so far, experts are welcome to correct me. :P

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Maito Gai said...

just use wifi, it free la, unless u download movies, songs then broadband ok la